Feel the luxurious warmth of heated seats by installing custom seat heaters, complete with thermostatic controls for driver and passenger. CARBOTEX® Comfort Seat Heaters TM are distributed by Cartek Distributing LLC. CARBOTEX® Comfort Seat Heaters TM provide a technical as well as quality advantage over other seat heaters currently on the market.
The retrofit CARBOTEX® seat heater system gives you all features and quality you would expect from an original equipment manufacturer. The application of carbon technology ensures the even spread of warmth to both the seat back and cushion. Feel comfortable in minutes. The carbon fiber design provides flexibility and strength. Thermostats in each panel ensure quick, even heat, and the

heat generating panel can be cut to fit virtually all trim styles. A minimum number of part numbers needs to be stocked, adding to your cost advantage. Comfort Seat Heaters TM operate with one thermostat in each panel to ensure comfort and to prevent excessive heat buildup.

Cartek Distributing LLC is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. of Comfort Seat Heaters TM manufactured by W.E.T. Automotive Systems Ltd. In Canada, contact our affiliate, Cartek Canada, Cornwall, Ontario.






















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